OSSA Fire Watch



4 Hours


No Expiry 


Fort McKay | Gregoire

The OSSA Fire Watch training course will give you a working knowledge and proficiency in performing fire watch duties and using fire extinguishing equipment.  Course topics include:

  • Legislation and standards from OH&S Act, Alberta Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association.
  • Identifying, eliminating, preventing and controlling fire hazards
  • Fire rescue and escape plans
  • Inspection and operation of fire watch equipment
  • Extinguishers and extinguishing agents
  • Identifying the 5 classifications of fires and their behaviors
  • Inspection and operation of fire extinguishers
  • Fire Watch responsibilities and duties

This course will include both classroom instruction and practical training.  You’ll be required to successfully demonstrate the safe activation, use and technique of using an extinguisher, as well as pass a written exam.

Industry Safety can deliver this safety training course to your site, or can deliver it at our Edmonton, Fort McKay, Fort McMurray and Sherwood Park Training Facility.  Please contact us to ensure your location meets the requirements to successfully complete the training.




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